Benefits of Liquid Egg Whites on your Health

Benefits of Liquid Egg Whites on your Health

The human body requires a number of nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc. for its smooth and effective functioning. Amongst all the nutrients, protein is by far the most important. The various functions of proteins include maintenance and repair, providing energy, creation of hormones and enzymes, storage and transportation of essential molecules and formation of antibodies. The most important sources of protein are meat, seafood, eggs, dairy products and some plants like legumes. Eggs have an interesting profile as a protein source. The egg white is purely protein and water with no fat and negligible carbohydrates whereas the yolk is high in lipids, carbohydrates and proteins with minimal water. When eggs are used as dietary substances, it is usually the egg-white that is being considered.

Pasteurisation of eggs is a common process in the US to prevent food borne illness like Salmonellosis. The human body is incapable of digesting uncooked egg-white but the liquid form of egg white can be totally digested and absorbed by the human body. Raw egg whites are often carriers of germs like salmonella and avidin whereas their liquid counterparts are pasteurised and hence bug free. If regular egg whites are cooked then there might be chances that that they are overcooked thus causing the proteins to degenerate where, the liquid varieties are treated at right temperatures to keep the nutritional value intact. In such cases, liquid egg whites maintain its nutrient value and becomes good for health


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