Best Skin Highlighters

Best Skin Highlighters

Skin highlighters can be your best makeup product to achieve a luminous and glowing skin. Especially with spring and summer season now, all you need is a perfect radiance on your perfect spots. Be it Cupid’s bow, your nose, cheek bones or temples, these skin highlighters can be your best friend. 

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
The Mineralize skinfinish from MAC is a luxurious way to brighten up your complexion. Available in different shades, these metallic finish baked blushes-cum-highlighters just glam the skin – perfect for a polished glow. 

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Bronzing powder
This bronzing powder from Elizabeth Arden is a perfect blend of warmth and illumination. Moreover, this is a perfect highlighter for darker skin, while a perfect bronzing option for light skins that needs a sun kiss glow. 

Hourglass Ambient Lightning Powder
Hourglass became famous for its ambient lightening powder, which is the best highlighting product you could ever get. This finishing powder is great to get the most flattering and luminescent skin.



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