Hair fall: stay healthy and dodge it

Hair fall: stay healthy and dodge it

Constituted with protein rich filament and being present on dermis the upper most layer of skin Hair is undoubtedly one of the most essential parts of human body (both man & woman) as it flaunts person’s beauty and enigma.

So everyone needs to cherish hair proper way in order to protect it from various damages propelled by air pollution, sun heat, severe uses of harmful chemical products including hair dying etc. and prevents it from falling as hair fall has become a nagging problem. There are certain remedies too which are quite helpful to render hair growth and stop hair fall.

Poor nutrition or imbalance diet is one of the major reasons that leads hair fall. So you should consume healthy food throughout the year including Green vegetables, apple, sweet potatoes, ground nut some protein rich food like meat, milk, eggs and beans etc. and drink plenty of water.

Oil massage especially hot oil therapy is very effective as it enhances blood circulation in scalp area and prevents scalp dryness. Once or twice in a week is sufficient for your hair.

Wash hair daily and clean with a dry towel. Please don’t comb or brush your hair vigorously when it’s wet.

Dandruff or scalp disease like flakiness also causes hair fall. In that case you should take counsel from either physician or dermatologist.

Lack of proper sleep and stress can promote hair fall. Ensure that you are going to have sound sleep every night.

Last but not the least avoid using chemically harmful product on hair as these are tremendously potential to stimulate hair fall.

So hair fall is not a permanent one it can be beaten pragmatically. Just ensure that you are consistent enough to follow it.


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