Importance of Vitamin A

Importance of Vitamin A

Although Vitamin A is mostly associated with the eyesight, it is an important vitamin for number of other things. For instance, it helps regulate genes, provides support to the immune system, helps in maintaining the skin health, and also in the production of the red blood cells. The deficiency of this vitamin can cause vision related problems. The lack of Vitamin A may also result in weaker immune system causing the body more vulnerable to contagious diseases.

The objects we see are the result of the reflection of the light falling on the cornea. The light is then transferred to the retina from where it is fed to the protein called opsin. Upon receiving the light, this protein changes shape and generates the nerve impulses which carry the message to the brain. Vitamin A plays an important role in the maintenance of the cells and protein responsible for conversion of the light into neural messages interpretable by the brain.

The genes of our body house the codes for the essential proteins for the regular functioning of the body. Whenever these proteins are required, the codes in the genes need to be decoded. The decoding of the codes is extremely regulated. How frequently the decoding happens and how fast it happens is determined by the acids derived from Vitamin A.

There are many natural food items that have abundant supply of vitamin A. Some of them include Cod liver oil, whole milk, eggs, sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, kale, butternut, and more. Include these food items in your diet and you will never be deficient of vitamin A.




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