Your Ultimate Guide to best Foundation brands

Your Ultimate Guide to best Foundation brands

Gone are the days when you struggled finding a foundation that was a solid match to your complexion. From Bobby Brown to Benefit, from MAC to Makeup Forever, there is something for every skin tone and skin type. Whether you want a fluid, dry, mineral or crème based – foundations are available in all textures with differ skin finishes and of course, for different kinds of skins as well. 

When it comes to flawless coverage, nothing beats the performance of a high-end professional makeup brand that offers a durable foundation. Let’s check out some of the well-known foundation brands that are a favorite amongst ladies.

•    YSL
•    Chanel
•    MAC
•    Bobby Brown
•    NARS
•    Makeup Forever
•    Illamasqua
•    Urban Decay 
•    Clarins
•    Benefit
•    Too Faced
•    Bare Minerals

These are some of the best high end brands that offers a wide range of shades that are a need of the hour. These are undoubtedly the best that you can find in the market apart from the drugstore brands such as Covergirl, Rimmel and Maybelline to name a few. 



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