Go Over Fruits Not On Supplements

Go Over Fruits Not On Supplements

Instead of gulping down the vitamin supplements, people should think of munching on some fresh fruits and vegetables very much like the cartoon sensation Popeye does.

  • Another research has found that vitamin supplements are not as beneficial as the nutrients present in fresh fruits and vegetables. Why? It has been found that natural eatables contain carotenoids and flavonoids along with vitamins that help the blood absorb vitamins.


  • Again a study states that fruits and vegetables can keep numerous common and serious health issues at bay. Yes, eating fresh fruits and veggies can certainly keep the human body in good health. Various, health risks like a cardiovascular threat, cancer and diabetes can be reduced with the right consumption of fruits and vegetables.


  • Fruits and vegetables also help in shedding that extra weight off the body for they contain a very minimal quantity of fat and calories. Fruits are rich in water content and fibre, which are essential for maintaining the water content in the human body.

The claim that fruits & veggies shield human body from cancer is yet to be proved officially, but there are reports by famous cancer research institutes that claim that leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and spinach reduce the risk of mouth as well stomach cancer. On the other hand, tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer with a special carotenoid called Lycopene giving it the rich red color. With so many benefits, it is necessary to eat fruits on a daily basis as per dietician’s recommendation.              


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