Smokers Are Three Times More Prone to Diabetes Than The Non-Smokers

Smokers Are Three Times More Prone to Diabetes Than The Non-Smokers

Every year, Tobacco takes nearly six million lives. More than five million die due to consumption of tobacco whereas 6,00,000 premature deaths take place among  the non – smokers. Smoking can adversely affect all the organs of the body. The effects are all the more deadly in the people who are affected with diabetes. The nicotine content in the tobacco can increase the level of blood sugar in those smokers who are affected by diabetes. This can also increase some complications like stroke, kidney failure, heart attack and damage of the nervous system.
The Diabetacare is the new initiative taken by the medical leaders of UK and India. The World Health Organisation has highlighted all the health related risks and has made effect policies to control it. Tobacco also provides resistance against insulin of the body. It has been studied that the smokers are more prone to diabetes than the non- smokers. Diabetes is such a disease that can lead to complications like diseases related to heart, kidney, nerves, eyes and foot.
Smoking can also accelerate your some complications like metabolic effects that is combined with increase in inflammation and endothelial dysfunction. Vascular diseases, heart disease and strokes is found more in diabetes people. More than 20% deaths occur due to heart disease that is mainly caused due to smoking. Smokers are more likely to die from heart diseases than the non – smokers. Smoking can also cause damage to the linings of blood vessel.



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