South Korea Reported 6 Mers Deaths

South Korea Reported 6 Mers Deaths

The total number of people who contracted Mers (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), in South Korea is 87. 23 of them contracted this disease on Sunday. 6 people have died from Mers by now. This is the biggest Middle East Respiratory Syndrome outbreak outside the Middle East. As a precaution, more than 1.900 schools are closed and 2.300 people are in quarantine. The last person who died from Mers was an 80-year-old man, who died on Monday 87 miles south of Seoul. On Saturday, a 75-year-old man died from this virus as well.
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is caused by a type of virus that includes Sars and the common cold. It is a new type of coronavirus. First cases are noted in the Middle East in 2012. Also, the first death, due to this virus was noted the same year. Mers causes breathing difficulties and cough, but it can also cause kidney failure and pneumonia. There is no cure nor vaccine for this virus. 36% of patients have died.
According to the health ministry, 17 out of 23 new cases started at the Samsung Medical Centre. All infections were confined to health institutions because contact between patients, staff and patients’ families. There is the list of 24 hospitals, involved in the outbreak. Most of them are in Seoul.
The first case of Mers was a man who travelled to Saudi Arabia. During his business trip, he was infected. Due to poor results, medical authorities are still criticized. Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said that the government is responsible because they didn’t provide enough information to citizens. Moon Hyung-pyo, a Health Minister, rejected these claims.



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