What Makes Smoking Addictive

What Makes Smoking Addictive

Many smokers have tried to quit smoking but have failed every single time because of their addiction. However, what makes smoking so addictive and why is it so hard to quit? Cigarette contains nicotine which is highly addictive and when you are obsessed with smoking, it is actually the nicotine. There are some studies that reveal that nicotine can be far more addictive than heroin.

When we smoke, the nicotine travels up to the brain and provides instant rush that alters mood and concentration levels. The effects can be felt as soon as you inhale nicotine and it rushes to your brain to produce the feeling of pleasure. The more people smoke, the more brain needs nicotine to get the same rush. The biggest problem why many smokers are unable to quit is the withdrawal symptom. People not only feel anxious but also irritable and also depressed at times due to lack of nicotine in the body system. The nicotine cravings are so strong that it takes much more than willpower to quit smoking.

Mostly smokers understand that they were addicted when they actually quit. Until then, most of the smokers are in denial that they are in full control of their habit. There are many triggers that make you crave for a cigarette. It can be anything from emotional to a routine. Many people smoke just to get over the uncomfortable situation like when they are too angry or nervous.


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