Locals Wants Village Clinic Not To Be Closed

Locals Wants Village Clinic Not To Be Closed

For years now, many people who were born in the small village of Sheshurino have always asked for one thing and that is to be able to die in their village in dignity. But their wish may actually not be granted as authorities in Russia have stated that they will be closing the village’s only clinic. As expected, this particular news has not been well received by the people who live in the village and they are finally tired of what is happening and they are ready to show it. 

Here is what Gennady Vinogradov, one of the many locals who were born and want to die in the village, had to say about the whole plan of shutting down the village’s only clinic. “If they happen to close this clinic then they will be a catastrophe. Given that we pay our insurance fees as required we do have the right of having a healthcare that can actually help us.”

He went on and added that, “It seems as if the government is in a mission to kill us all.” Despite the fact that Russia’s big cities have been able to slightly withstand the impact of the economic downturn that is being experienced in the country, those in the rural areas haven’t fared so well. For instance, the likes of Sheshurino are just some of the many rural villages that have actually been left by the government and they are now on they own. With that in mind the locals are asking officials not to interfere with the hospital.   



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