Natural Remedies for Cold

Natural Remedies for Cold

When we get the common cold, all our energy gets drained and we feel really sick. Here we discuss about some natural remedies that will help you ease that cold. Some of them are:
Remedy #1: Make use of steam to clear the stuffy nose and congestion. Boil water to the boiling temperature and hold your head over the pot but be careful not to let the steam burn your nose.
Remedy #2: Rest is the key to recover from cold. Try to stay as warm as possible while resting. Itc channels the energy so that your body immunity can fight it off.
Remedy #3: Clear your nose as much as possible. Blowing the nose helps clear mucus which will make you feel better and lighter. By blowing your nose, you congestion will also be reduced.
Remedy #4: Having a hot steamy shower can make you feel better as the shower moisturizes the nasal passage making it easy to relax.
Remedy #5: Stay hydrated. Drink as much fluids as possible. It not only keeps your throat moist but also prevents dehydration.
Remedy #6: Try hot water gargling. Add a teaspoon of salt to your warm water and gargle. It bring temporary relief to scratchy and sore throat.
Remedy #7: Try placing a dab of mentholated salve under the nose. It helps make breathing easy by clear the blocked passages which can help you relax and take rest.
Remedy #8: Drinking hot liquids helps relieve congestion and prevents you from being dehydrated. It also soothes the throat. If you are unable to sleep at night due to congestion, a glass should do the trick.





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