Water Is Essential For Your Health

Water Is Essential For Your Health

Many people like running and biking during the summer. But, many of them go to a doctor because they have headaches and focus problems. Also, some people have the same problems with their allergies and blood pressure. In both cases, the cause is the same. It is dehydration.
There are many reasons for dehydration. For example, exercising outside, can make you lose a lot of water. People, who spend the whole day outside, can lose 2-3 liters of water. The problem may occur when they don’t drink enough water. Also, children and elderly people lost more water than teens and adults. People with certain diseases (diabetes, kidney failure and etc.) can also suffer from dehydration.
The first symptom is thrust. But, there are several more symptoms. For example, people urinate less frequently when they don’t have enough water. Also, darker urine means that you need more water. This is done by our body, in an attempt to save water. Low energy levels, nausea and headaches are also symptoms.
When you don’t have enough water in the body your blood volume drops. This is done because the water is the main part of the blood. There is less fluid between cells and they shrink. Several studies found that dehydration can cause lower brain performances. Simply said, people cannot think straight.
In order to avoid dehydration, you must drink enough water. Women must drink 2.8 quarts of water per day. Men, need more of it. They must drink 3.9 quarts. You must know that alcohol and caffeinated beverages reduce the amount of water in the body.



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