Benifits of Rest and relaxation

Benifits of Rest and relaxation

In order to function at its best, our body needs rest! The best way to get it, is sleep. During sleep, our body slows down metabolism, lowers the temperature and repair itself. It cannot function without sleep. People who suffer from insomnia, often have health problems.

Depending on your physical and mental activity you need from 7 to 9 hours a sleep per night. Sleeping more than that, isn’t good! If you have problems falling asleep, try to change your lifestyle. For example, stress is the main reason why some people cannot sleep. When you are happy and you are feeling better, you will fall asleep much faster.

If you have a lack of energy, check your thyroid. It is a gland in front of your neck and it produces hormones that control how your body uses energy. In many cases it can be solved by changing your lifestyle. Another reason why you cannot get enough rest is linked to your emotions. People who are unhappy or worry all the time, require more time for rest and even then they cannot rest properly. Because this is a side effect and not a cause, you must solve your emotional problems in order to have a rest.

Relaxation isn’t the same thing as the rest! Rest mean that your body doesn’t have physical activity at that moment. Relaxation means that you are doing something that makes you happy. There are many ways to relax. From watching a movie, to playing some sport. The best way is to have a one or two days per week, in which you are going to do something that relax you.



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