Cheese won’t make you obese

Cheese won’t make you obese

If you are a fan of coffee with cream and full-fat yogurt, these are happy news for you. Researchers wanted to find out how diet affects on long-term weight gain. For the last 16 years, they tested diets of 120.000 men and women. The research was divided in three long-term studies. The findings were recently published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and they are very interesting. Eating a lot of seafood, yogurt, nuts and chicken (skinless) are linked to the healthy body weight. On the other hand, processed and red meat are responsible for serious weight gain.

The best discovery was for people who like dairy and cheese. Low-fat, full-fat milk and full-fat cheese don’t affect on your long-term weight gain. Eating full-fat cheese is better for your waistline than eating low-fat cheese. According to the researchers at Tufts University, people who eat a lot of low-fat dairy products had a higher intake of carbs that led to the weight gain. Jessica Smith, Ph.D., said that those people compensate lower intake of calories in diary by having the higher intake of carbohydrates.

Although, these are good news for all people who like dairy products, this doesn’t mean they should fill their diets with full-fat cheese and other products. They are rich in cholesterol and saturated fat that are responsible for higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Some kinds of cheese have high levels of sodium. Diets that include a lot of salt can be responsible for hypertension, digestive disease and problems with kidneys. The best what you can do, is to eat enough cheese, but not too much.



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