Pregnancy- the best time to quit smoking

Pregnancy- the best time to quit smoking

Pregnancy is the time when the would be mother needs to be careful about a lot of things. Especially if she is into a habit of smoking, she needs to keep a check on it. Smoking can badly affect the child. In case you’re planning a baby, then it is the best time to quit smoking. Women who are pregnant can make sure that they get a healthy child if they opt out of smoking.

There’re a number of harmful effects which are associated with smoking for pregnant women. Cigarettes have a lot of Carbon Monoxide as well as nicotine. These harmful gases have a lot of side-effects on the body in which the baby develops for 9 months. When a woman is pregnant, smoking cigarettes increases the quantity of nicotine as well as Carbon Monoxide in the blood stream of the would be mother. Thus, the nutrients as well as oxygen which are required by the child become very restricted. This affects the baby in more than one ways.

When the mother smokes, the baby is denied the optimum quantity of nutrients and oxygen which is required for full fledged pre-natal growth. Also, a very dangerous effect of smoking on pregnant women is that the baby might be born before the due date. Smoking also enhances the chances of the baby being either underweight or small. Such babies need to be kept in the hospital for a number of days so that special-care can be given to them.

As mentioned earlier, smoking can deny proper amount of oxygen to the baby, this may lead to fetal brain damage or even miscarriage. According to some studies done, smoking during pregnancy can even cause sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.


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