Sneezing problems

Sneezing problems

This is the perfect time of the year for walking and enjoying the nature. But, it is also the worst time for people who suffer from allergies. Only in the US, there are 50 million of them. If you are sneezing all the time and you have watery eyes, you are one of them. A good thing is that you can do several things in order to make these symptoms go away. Waiting them to go away isn’t going to happen. In fact, thanks to the climate change, allergies and the amount of allergens will become higher. 

Allergies are caused by allergens. But they don’t actually cause all of allergy symptoms. Our immune system overreacts and causing cells to produce histamine, an inflammatory chemical. That chemical is responsible for all symptoms. 
In order to protect yourself for allergens, you will have to take antihistamines. They are very effective and you can take them as pills or as a liquid. You can even use a nasal spray. But they can help you for a short period. If you have severe problems and long-lasting problems, you can use allergy shots. You will have to take these shots from 6 months to 1 year. In 60-80% of cases they are effective.

You can also use natural remedies. Saline rinsing together with a net pot can be useful in solving the problem with blocked nasal passages. Basically, this has the same effect as spending time at the beach. Hay fever symptoms can be cured with butterbur. This is an herb. This herb can be used in the prevention of the allergy. You should use it a month before symptoms appear. 




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