Sure Ways Of Keeping Cholesterol Levels In Check!

Sure Ways Of Keeping Cholesterol Levels In Check!

Cholesterol is much needed by the body, but higher levels can increase the risk of many cardiovascular diseases. A lot has been written about how to deal with higher cholesterol levels, but below are some of the best ways to keep it in check! 

Don’t stop exercising
No matter whether you have cholesterol or not, exercise is the key to good health. If you are not fond of the machines at the gym, even 30 minutes of running or jogging is actually more than enough. The idea is to keep the heart pumping, so consider cardio workouts before anything else. 
Cut down saturated fats

All forms of processed foods should be banned from your diet, along with other natural foods that contain high cholesterol, like egg yolk and dairy products. Both Trans fat and saturated fat increases the amount of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body. 
Quit smoking and limit alcohol
If you have been smoking, probably you should consider quitting as the habit is not damaging for the lungs alone. Smoking also damages the inner lining of the arteries, which is why experts suggest banning smoking completely. As for alcohol, you always have the choice of one drink each day, but for people on the plus side, even alcohol is complete banned. 

Lose weight
Obesity has been associated with higher cholesterol levels, and therefore, if you those extra pounds around the waist, you should consider losing weight. Avoid focusing on refined and processed foods and start gym sessions with good amount of cardio. 
Change your lifestyle, and you can tweak cholesterol levels!




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