If you want to lose your weight, or to improve your health, exercising is more than needed! You can exercise in the gym, or at your home, and still make a great result. So, why exercising is so important? Well, when you are using your muscles, your body burns more calories and fat, so it leads to lower weight.

Going to the gym can be expensive, and requires a lot of time, but if gives you better results. A personal trainer is also very useful, it can speed up the process for 10%! At the beginning of your exercise, you can choose what kind of exercise you want to do. More weight with less repetition, or more repetition with less weight. If you want to reduce your weight, I recommend more repetitions with a less weight. Because, these exercises will burn more calories and fat!

Exercising from home is also very useful, but there is one problem. If you are new in this, you don’t know how to do these exercises properly, so you will make mistakes. And, doing some exercise on a wrong way, is ineffective. Detailed instructions for any exercise can be found online, but I recommend going to the gym for a short time, until you learn how to do several exercises. Exercising in the morning is crucial! Only 10 minutes are enough to provide you energy for the whole day! Your metabolism will speed up, so you will burn more calories every day. And because morning exercise is connected with the production of serotonin (hormone of happiness) you will be happier, and you will sleep better!



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